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" The water is our home. Out on the water there is friendly competition. Fly fishing is our passion. Bavaria and the alpine regions are our home. Big catches in and around Bavaria. “

2015 – Flyfishing Crew

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Fliegenfischen - Slowenien - 2020 Mamorata

Travelogue Slovenia - 2020

Reise - Fliegenfischen

Anfahrt Auch dieses Jahr stand der jährliche Slowenienurlaub auf der Tagesordnung. Jedoch verkomplizierte sich die Einreise, aufgrund des Corona-Virus. Einreisen konnten wir nämlich nur über den Karawankentunnel, da Italien unter strengen Einreisebedingungen stand. So verlängerte sich die Anreise von den üblichen 5 Stunden auf anstrengende 8 Stunden. Touristisch betrachtet lohnte sich der längere Anreiseweg jedoch, da er uns an dem malerisch gelegenen Bleed See vorbei navigierte. Aufgrund der wenigen Touristen hatten wir den See für eine kurze Zeit nur für uns alleine.  Gewässer – Eckdaten Slowenien ist das größte Gebiet zum Fliegenfischen und ist auch als das europäische Fliegenfischer-Mekka bekannt.…

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The most natural form of fishing brought from the past to the modern age is fly fishing! This sport is experiencing its renessaince. Today's fly fishing has nothing in common with the fishing of days gone by. The industry is constantly evolving, there are fly rods, fly reels and fly lines available that are different from the tried and true equipment of 100 years ago. Various technological innovations have influenced the sport since time immemorial. There are unimagined possibilities and unimagined potential for improvement in equipment ahead. But the beauty of fly fishing is at the same time the ancestral: Because there are also aspects which are not changeable! Among them are aspects like stalking the target fish, reading the water, choosing the right fly, the thrill of the drill and the excitement after successfully landing the fish! Sharing time together on the water among friends, whether success or failure, also bonds you together! Fly fishing today is also meditation: no matter how heavy and full of thoughts your head may be, after a few hours on the water, a feeling of ease sets in and you become one with your surroundings. Something that is not lost in the course of time and the increasingly complex sport.