Rehhaarsedge Schritt 5

Fly Tying - Deer Hair Sedge in 4 Steps

Fliegenbinden - Rehhaar Sedge

Materials list

Hook: size 12 straight leg

Thread: 8/0 Yellow or Tan

Smiles: deer hair 

Dubbing: Bunny Grey 

Fly Tying - Step by Step

Rehhaarsedge Schritt 1

First, the hoe of the deer hair sedge is clamped and tied with a yellow binding silk size 8/0 the base winding. Then the silk is placed at the same height of the hackle tip.

Rehhaarsedge Schritt 2

Now the body is tied. For the dubbing of the deer hair sedge we take light gray rabbit dubbing, but this fly can be tied in all natural shades. The dubbing is rolled onto the thread and then tied.  Tip: Make sure that you do not tie too far forward, otherwise the final knot will be a bit difficult. 

Rehhaarsedge Schritt 3

The deer hair is now tied in. First, cut off a good tuft of deer hair. The hair is inserted into the plug with the tips down and now is stacked. Then you take the hair out and make sure that all the tips have the same length, the protruding you pull out. Make sure that the length is a little bit longer than the tip. First, you tie 2-3 light wraps, then a tight one that the hair tightens.

Rehhaarsedge Schritt 4

After the tight wraps, cut off the hairs that are above the hackle ear. Attention: do not cut the hair too short, otherwise the hair will fall out and the volume of the fly will suffer. Finish with a whipfinisher knot and a drop of bindelack on the head. Tip: If the Bindelack flows into your hackle ear, put a dubbing needle in the ear before you use the varnish, then it remains free. 

Rehhaarsedge Schritt 5

To sum up: One of the classics for the summer the deer hair Sedge! Perfectly suited for fast flowing water, because the fly is suitable as a good indicator. Tight Lines - Your Flyfishing Crew Bavaria.