Isar - 2020


To get to the Isar in Lenggries, it took us just under an hour by car. Before our departure, however, we had to find a place to stay in the district of Lenggries. We found this online without any further problems and we ended up in an apartment on an idyllic estate. In order to be allowed to practice fishing on the Upper Isar, an accommodation proof is needed. On the way to the upper Isar we crossed several bridges. The view of the turquoise water made our fly fishing hearts beat faster. 


An Introduction to Slovenian Waters

The upper Isar is an alpine river which originates in Austria, meanders through beautiful valleys and finally flows into the Danube. The Lenggries section, which is relatively close to the Isar-origin, captivates with clear water, gravelly substrate and a high abundance of salmonids. The Lenggries fishing club manages a 13 kilometer long section which is characterized by many varied segments. In order to fish, you need a valid day pass which can be obtained by showing your proof of accommodation at the tourist information office in Lenggries. A day ticket costs around 35 euros.

Fish abundance

Grayling, brown trout, rainbow trout. Various species of salmonids can be caught on the upper Isar. The fishing association is trying to reintroduce the grayling in high numbers and has thus issued a ban on harvesting grayling. These measures have already had an effect on their numbers and during our visit we were able to hook into some really nice grayling. But not only the grayling is found in large quantities, but also the brown trout. Furthermore, very large rainbow trout can also be caught. The biggest one we caught measured 72 centimeters.   

This beautiful brown trout grabbed our dry flies


As described above, you need an accommodation certificate if you want to fish in Lenggries. If you do not have the big purse, you can also stay here very well for about 20 - 25 € per night. Most of the accommodations are located very close to the water and you drive about five minutes to the spots. Here is the link to the Air BnB in Lenggries: Air BnB Lenggries

Methods to success

Um an der Isar zum fischereilichen Erfolg zu gelangen, ist es wichtig die richtigen Fliegen zur richtigen Jahreszeit zu benutzen. In den Sommermonaten erwies sich eine Steinfliegenimitation als der fängigste Köder. Die Salmoniden konnten dieser schmackhaften Fliege mit großem Profil kaum widerstehen. Besonders für die Äsche benutzen wir kleine Parachute-Fliegen in dunkleren Farbtönen. Die Isar wartet mit großen Insektenschlüpfen auf. Diesem Spektakel wurden auch wir Zeuge und konnten 30+ Fische landen. Ein unvergesslicher Moment. Um den großen Regenbogenforellen nachzustellen empfiehlt sich der Streamer. Wir verwendet Streamer in Naturfarben die erwiesen sich am Besten, die größe der Streamer war nicht so entscheiden, die Führung des Streamers war dafür um so wichtiger. Our Tip: Nutz erstmal Fliegen in Naturfarben nach unseren Erfahrung funktionieren die Besser als Reizfliegen. Außer wenn ihr eine Äsche fangen wollt, dann probiert auch mal gerne eine Pinke Nymphe oder eine sehr ausgefallene Trockenfliege.


To sum up:All in all, the Isar is a rather underestimated body of water, which in our opinion is always worth a trip. Especially in May and in the summer months this water shows its best side. Also hosts also impressed us with their hospitality and rural friendliness.Tight Lines - your Flyfishing Crew Bavaria.