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Who we are

Our team consists of four fly fishing enthusiasts from the Munich area. Our team includes Simon, Patrick, Tom and Tim. Here is a small introduction: 


Servus! I am a 24-year-old fly-fishing-addict and currently studying at Munich university. From an early age I have been fascinated by fishing. At the age of 5 years it all started with the first trout. Little by little the fishing became more and more intensive and so I finally got to the pinnacle of the sport: fly fishing! I was inspired by the amazing simplicity and elegance of this discipline. After buying my first fly rod, fly tying followed. That's how I joined our crew of like-minded people. Because as you know: fly fishing connects!


Habe die Ehre! I am the "grandpa" of our crew with a whopping 27 years. The fascination of fly fishing also came to me at a young age. Since I am also a passionate globetrotter this can be combined perfectly with fly fishing. I am grateful for fly fishing to have expanded my cultural horizons. My goal is to get even more exotic fish on the fly, but I am also grateful for every local brown trout!


Servus, ich bin 27 Jahre  alt und habe erst seit 5 Jahren meinen Angelschein. Den ich eigentlich nur gemacht habe um mit dem Fliegenfischen anzufangen.  Ganz wie das mit dem Fisch und  der Fliege ist, sage auch Ich nicht nein zu einer schön präsentierten Hopfen-Kalt-Schale! Denn Bier und Fischen gehört einfach zusammen.


Hi, I am the groups greenhorn. I have been passionate about fishing as a hobby for a long time now. It all started with my first brook trout in an Austrian mountain lake. That got me "hooked" so to speak. With the guys from Flyfishing Crew Bavaria, which took me in and introduced me to the world of flyfishing, I have spent many wonderful hours on the water.

Unsere Mission

Spread the art of fly fishing

We want to explain to you here the fine art of fly fishing with our blog posts.

Products to test for you

We put the products through their paces for you! Whether a rod, a backpack or a spool holder. With us, everything is put under the microscope. 

Fly tying

Part of fly fishing is of course fly tying. We explain all the most common patterns from entomology to large tube streamers and fancy patterns for the sea. 

Present destinations

Ein guter Nebenaspekt beim Fliegenfischen ist, das man es auf 6 der 7 Kontinente betrieben kann. Deshalb nehmen wir euch mit von unseren heimischen Gewässern bis hin in die Karibik!

The Flyfishing Crew Bavaria is looking forward to news from you. We will answer as soon as possible - as long as we are not standing waist-deep in the water.

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